Frequently asked questions / Oils for large commercial vehicles

Is there a difference between oils designed for use in passenger cars, LCVs and LGVs?

Engine oils for use in large commercial vehicles are different from those for cars and light commercial vehicles, for the following reasons:

-       They operate at higher loads

-       They are filled in high-powered engines

-       There is a requirement for prolonged oil change intervals up to 100 000 km or 250 working hours (in certain cases even 400 working hours).

My vehicle is quite old. What oil should I use?

Usually, oils complying with low performance specifications are to be used with a view to the higher consumption rates and the price, of course, which is sometimes the decisive factor. Since in our latitudes we have serious weather temperature variations, using SAE 30, SAE 40, SAE 50 oils is not always the correct decision. In view of the year-round protection, the use of multigrade oils, such as 15W-50, 20W-50, is advisable at standard mileage-based change intervals.

For example, the familiar oil types M 10D, M 16D and M 20D can be replaced with Prista Super 15W-50 and 20W-50 and Texaco Ursa Super LA 20W-50.

In the specialised auto centres Prista and Expert Oil Service, apart from the professional advice you will be offered all available products and a complete service of your car. If you have your own repair facilities, our business and technical consultants can perform the necessary expert assessment on site, and our flexible logistics solutions will provide you with the required product within the shortest time and at favorable conditions.

Are oils designed for agricultural machinery different?

Yes, they are.

In agriculture, in order to enable versatile use of applied oils, the recommended product lines are STOU (Super Tractor Oil Universal) and UTTO (Universal Tractor Transmission Oil).

Where a STOU type oil is not prescribed, an engine oil should be used according to the vehicle operation manual.

What is STOU?

Oil for lubrication of the engine, wet brakes, transmission, differential gear and hydraulics of agricultural vehicles and equipment.

Products of this type are Prista STOU 10W-30, 10W-40 15W-40, as well as Texaco SUTO Extra 10W-30.

What is UTTO?

Oil for lubrication of the gearbox, differential gear, wet brakes and hydraulic system of modern farm tractors and other equipment.